Like most weird post, he just wanted to get a rise

LEAKED sims 4 build mode


LEAKED sims 4 build mode

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the quantity and absolutely uncritical way almost all cis men who consume porn watch porn (and lots of other people but none as universally as cis men) warps the shit out of how you view the people you want to fuck, unambiguously

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Regular users of pornography are less likely to convict for a rape, and less likely to give a harsh sentence to a rapist if in fact convicted. Conversely, individuals who do not use pornography are more likely to convict an accused rapist.
- Garcia, L.T. (1986). Exposures to pornography and attitude about women and rape: A correlative study. AG 22 (1853) 382-383.
Zillman & Bryant, (1984). Effects of massive exposure to pornography. In N.M. Malamuth, & E. Donnerstein (Eds), Pornography and Sexual Aggression (pp. 115-142). Orlando, FL: Academic Press. (via yoursocialconstructsareshowing)
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sims 4 omitted features poetry

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LEAKED sims 4 build mode

LEAKED sims 4 build mode

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ostolero replied to your post: has anyone seen niz… i dont know their…

walter now (if we’re talking about the same niz)

!! thank you i was inactive forever and lost like everyone who remakes regularly

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has anyone seen niz… i dont know their name or their url or their pronouns anymore, but i think about their blog…where are you.. thank you…bye

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i love my pretty dragons and will suffer any amount of 30 year old steampunk culture programmers for them but i wish i didnt have to

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