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i just got an ask on zazzle-poetry saying everyone who buys my shirts is fat and revolting, but kitty didnt even though its a mod too. which MEANS that it has to be one of the like 300 people who kitty already blocked for posting thin ursula in #ursula

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LMAO! Thats not for cats!

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Just thinking about stuff

Just thinking about stuff

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photoshoot of the outfit i wore to walk out and get the weed from the car

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Goodbye I love you

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love each other? love each other….

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kovu wont eat dry dog food unless he hasnt eaten in days. he goes on hunger strikes when we stop buying wet food for a little bit, and he wont eat a lot of brands of dry food at all, and when we make him food (like, food we specifically cooked for him to meet doggy nutritional needs) he wouldnt eat it if we included any of one ingredient (when we make him food we use cheapy butcher meats and some scraps of food we made for us thats dog appropriate) he doesnt really care for, like asparagus or barley. he loves to steal trash from people food thats NOT for dogs. he loves to lick the grease off old pizza boxes or lick the sauce out of ranch cups. he will stare longingly at anything you eat out of a bowl or on a plate, but with like half of the foods you let him have a bite of, he just drops it out of his mouth onto the ground and then leaves you alone until next time. if you eat a banana, hell look at you extra excited, but he doesnt have any interest in a bite of actual banana. he just likes for you to give him the peel, so he can suck on it until its all brown, but still fully intact. he responds with fear when he smells uncooked or undercooked meat. baby knows what he wants

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